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Team outing which was getting postponed for nearly an year finally happened on Aug 5th. A brief minutes of meeting.
Except for the last minute drop outs, most of us arrived on time and prepared (with gifts, pots etc). We left for Muttukadu in 2 vehicles. In groups we went boating. for half an hour or so.100_0902.jpg

Had tea and left for TTDC Beach Resort. Now all of us were in the same bus, enthu picked up, ppl sung and danced.Noise was made. 100_0913.jpg

It was the beginning of play time. Dog and bone was played first. Just playing for the participation sake is passe, now its the era of fierce competition and only winning matters. dsc04284.jpgTeams , named as Bow-bow and Hijackers, fought for each point, confused others, got confused, won, lost – all in the game’s name. Finally posed for photos with coveted trophies (chocolates).100_09361.jpg I was the scorer.

That was followed by another game – to hit the hanging pot, blind folded. The on-lookers had the maximum fun at the expense of blind folded participants who were always misguided by the crowd.100_0952.jpg Sensing that the prizes will remain unclaimed, some of them were then guided to the pots.100_0962.jpg

A brief display of team members’ musical talents followed. To the beats, some danced.dsc04295.jpg Next on the list was much awaited dine-wine session. Food and drinks were had to heart’s content.

Two professional musicians were the invited surprise guests of the afternoon. They enthralled the team with drums. Some talents in the team took up the sticks 100_0987.jpgand to their background music, some other hidden talents picked up the mic 100_0994.jpg100_0992.jpgand lent their voices to the songs. Audio team was now “creating” music.100_0971.jpg

People then left to swimming pool/ beach. On their return, housie-housie was played.dsc_0293.jpg(I was co-organizer of the event). After two rounds of the game and after decorated prizes were given away,100_1010.jpg it was time to present the newly married couples with gifts. 100_0924.jpgThey thanked and praised the day-out.
The team’s energy reserve and enthu was at display again during the return journey. dsc04322.jpgThey danced and sang all the way back.
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  1. That was a nice review of the day's outing.

    Fotos make an event more memorable.

    A nice "rewind and playback" of the memories 🙂 🙂 🙂

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