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Nenapirali is a debut effort from Engg graduates Ratnaja (director) and Ajay Gouda (Producer). It has flashes of brilliance – both at technical level and at artistic level. More about that later.

Story Overview: Ekanth and Indu are seeing each other for sometime. But practically Ekanth is too busy to see Indu on a regular basis. This forces Indu to lie Ekanth that her parents might oppose their marriage. Her plan backfires when Ekanth devises a plan – according to which Prakash, his friend should go around Indu, which should unease Indu’s parents and they should be readily accepting Ekanth!
Due to this, Prakash spends more time with Indu and she starts liking him for he is naturally likeable. Prakash clarifies that he lacks any such feelings for her. And Ekanth marries Indu.
You guessed an end ? Its just the interval. That is one of the highlights – this packs so many events in just 2 and half hour that bollywood revolving around the same confusion for over 3 and half hours is pitiable. Lets go back to the story. Now Bindu, Indu’s sister heads off to assist Prakash in Mangalore where they slowly fall in love with each other.
Till now everything was fine, but movies can’t just be fine. So there is a twist and then some more crisis. To be fair to the story-writer, after some thoughts myself, it is really difficult at that point not to introduce a turn and make it proceed and finish on a note. Also to the team’s credit, the developments are in sync to prove the subtitle/tagline – its about hearts.

Now to other points. Technically it is a fine product. Crisp editing, fast pace, clear characters, an unbelievable cinematography, attractive costume designing, experimental choreography, meaningful-but-not-heavy dialogues and tight direction.
The one department that disappoints* is the lyrics that are like dialogues. Hamsalekha, the lyricist fails but the music is refreshing. Repeated listening has softened my stand on this but still….

Due to the youth behind, there is a infectious freshness feel to the whole of the film.
Prem is faithful to the character. He shows lot of promise. Except during his dancing, I liked him otherwise.(If this is remade to Tamil, Sidharth is ideal fit) Both the girls (Vidya and Varsha) have good potential. Indu’s oppurtunistic role didn’t have much to offer to Vidya but she has done well. Ananth Nag, as a cool father, lights up the screen. With some more flesh to the character, this could have been the perfect supporting role that is both meaningful and required to the plot. It looked little hurried at the end, as the family members were left out of the context.

But, almost till the end, the movie is like a peom recited dearly from the very poet. Narration is what stands out, drama has been dumbed down to nothing and punctuated with songs, flow is super. If there is one thing that is worth applauding than the poetic narration, it is the locales. Picturesque. The scenic beauty, music and performances make it a beautiful movie.

* Disappoints “me” – because I heard/read it to be great. I know the reason for that feeling though- given the Kanglish lyrics these days, given the fast food lyrics by the likes who churn out bin ladenu, maza maadu, etc…But I accept that it was Hamsalekha who was the pioneer of that generation)

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15 thoughts on “Nenapirali

  1. "heard/read it to be great…" Of course, "great" is perspective…:) For me, the lyrics complemented the flow of the movie (except for the song "Draupadi", which could have been done without…though I welcome the idea of having dance ballets in the movies…)

  2. Hey it won all five awards(allocated for kannada movies) in the south Indian filmfare awards. Best film, best director, best music director, best actor, best actress.

  3. Hey it won all five awards(allocated for kannada movies) in the south Indian filmfare awards. Best film, best director, best music director, best actor, best actress.

  4. Yeah lyrics & dialogues… were not up to the mark, but i loved each bit of it…. i particularly liked prakash character… read in papers that he rejected more than 20 films after nenapiralli !!!! i dont know hw far it is true… feels he wants to do good films which are rare in kannada films dominated by the rajkumar family & others….

  5. neo_sat,
    yeah, my blog is all about "my" perspective 🙂
    Probably I expect more. For me good lyrics should not be like it was just the dialogues tuned to music, it should not contain contamination from other languages.
    But, as I said repeated listening has softened my stand on the lyrics. Yes, it gelled well with the movie. Also, dialogue-like songs sound good sometimes like Ati kya Khandala, and sometimes other language is ok – like that sentence "titanic boatade" was meaningful.

    oh! thats a good sign.

    Prakash has good potential …hope he gets good movies soon. But one thing has been proved with the success of Nenapirali – good movies are seen by people and encouraged. That should send enough signals for people to do good and different movies.

  6. hahaha…:) i was referring to the perspective of the ppl who told you it was great…!!!
    and of course, your blog should be "your" perspective…big trouble if it becomes somebody else's…:D

  7. Nice article man.. good work. keep it up.. Nenapirali is definitely a fresh and creative movie.. it's glad to hear that it has got 5 filmfare awards.. but one sad thing is HM Ramachandra(CinemaAutography) who played a major role in nenapirali's success didnt get any awards. i hope he will get a state award for his superb work.. Read my views about nenapirali @

  8. neo_sat,
    I too felt very bad HMR didn't get award (but I guess there is no such category itself for cinematography)

  9. hey prasanna,
    thanks for the info man. am very glad to hear that. Kudos to HMR..he should scale greater heights, surely.
    yeah checked ur post too.

  10. How about the tall babe? She was sooo good in that 'Ajanta Ellora.." song man!

    To me the hero looked like an OK guy with bad make-up and terrible dress sense. But all in all a nice movie

    Siri Gannadam Gelgey!

  11. ha
    it is fantastic movie. that i liked more any film now & also jothe jothyali. i liked each and every song in nenapirali. will you send Prem Kumar's e-amil id. Prem Kumar is a nice man which i him liked more.

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