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What a surprise packet. I hadn’t caught any promotional clips nor had observed the poster carefully and man, I was overwhelmed. Anyone who saw, kept saying, go watch yourself. I will concur that.

Hope you watched. When I had lost all hope on a sequel, after the debacle of the year Phir Hera Pheri, this resurrects the hope. In fact, this is as original as the first part.

Munna bhai is madly in love with a Radio Jockey and just like the first part, to impress her, he lies that he knows about Gandhiji and he follows Gandhi’s principles – which gets a new phrase from this movie – Gandhigiri. “How” he follows the principles and “how” he succeeds is what the movie tells us. There is a message and there is loads of laughter.

Random thoughts and minor spoilers ahead.

Of course at one point of time, I doubted how the story can win. There is no way by sending roses you can change one’s heart. Thats where the sub plot enters and I was convinced that, it works.

I expected in the beginning, Munna’s role, in realizing everybody’s dreams of those in Second innings house.

Jokes were not sms jokes, as is the usually case these days and they were very original, unheard of before.. But, it will take no time before Munna Bhai jokes going around in sms.

Full marks to most underrated performer of the decade – Arshad Warsi – what an impeccable comic timing this guy has. Everytime he said, “hey uthna, sorry bolneka hai”, I cracked up in laughter. His dialogue in jail explaining that he never went to jail after doing many crimes but went when he said sorry once , is my another favorite scene. And his facial expressions while searching for Bapu is great.

Vidya Balan chips in with cute looks and reasonable performance. Sanju babu is at his best. His listening to Bapu’s story of theft is my fav scene. And of course, “chemical locha” scene. See how he cries when he apologizes to circuit. Such innocent looks adds great value to the character. “Put me back in jail” near the wedding scene is a touchy one. Similarly, his shout about the corrupt bureaucracy. His all earlier work might be forgotten, but Munna will remain in every one’s hearts for ever. If Vaastav had given him second birth, Munna bhai has made him immortal. Munna and circuit together will go down as iconic characters from Hindi cinema on the lines of Gabbar Singh.

Bapu’s acting was touching.

Two things could have been kept from the first part – Lucky Singh should have been laughing/grinning whenever he gets angry. That used to crack me up in 1st part with Dean’s character. Second, there should have been a “jadu ki jappi” somewhere 😉

After laughing for nearly 3 hours continuously, things look so good. Hopes on Bollywood resurrected. Am looking forward for sequels, remakes and what ever. Don, Ghayal – bring them on…

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5 thoughts on “Lage Raho Munnabhai

  1. hey good one, and it must be posted at 70mm.

    The only disappointment i abt the movie wud be its soundtrack – didnt have a rocking number like "subah ho gayi mamu".

    The title song was on the lines of the ICICI bank jingle, "pal pal" gave me the feeling of Deja-vu. 'samjho ho hi gaya" was a good tapori number.

    Overall, the music could have been a lot better.

    Also the "goooooooooooooooood morniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing" by Vidya Balan was somewhat stretched beyond confort levels.

    But these are really microscopic flaws compared to how well the movie was written and directed. Full marks to the dialogue & script writers who did a fantabulous job. Also the cinematography was first rate, this is the second movie after 'Bluffmaster' in which Mumbai looked so gorgeous.

    Lage Raho Rajkumar Hirani!

  2. great movie. very few flaws..arshad warsi was brilliant. so was sanjay dutt. great performance. especially when circuit says "'vinamr' se baat karna". excellent timing for jokes…mainly from arshad warsi.

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