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There was no real temptation to watch this one but for the 3 hour A/C relief we (I & Sriram) wanted to get. There is nothing much to write apart from that it was a TP film. Targeted at children, let such films come and save the kids from disgusting things happening in other movies. I have pretty much forgotten about the movie but for this – Does gas cylinder “deflect” bullets ? šŸ™‚

As many have already said, narration and cinematography were highlights of this movie. So were the performances. Tara was excellent; it was such a delicate role that it was too easy to have gone overboard with it. Overacted. But Tara. She bordered on exaggaration but carefully maintained it within the line. Malavika had very few scences to her credit but does well. An added advantage is her expressive eyes. As Shivarasan, Ravi Kale leaves impression.

As soon as I had heard about the movie, I was reminded of “Harakeya Kuri”. In an age when I used to dislike anything remotely “art cinema”, I had found this one likeable.

The advantage to Cyanide is that the story is real but it also had enough dramatic moments. Though it did drag somewhere in second half, the editing and flow was good enough.

After watching, it was surprising to note that director is real life friend of Ranganath and scenes of Onake Obavva and Shivrasan’s confession that crime was wrong, were real happenings. Also came to know that Mridula is now separated from her husband (who is now a hard-core activist) and that she reacieved 25 lakhs from govt for giving information about culprits.

I attempting to write about this should be a joke – for thanks to an unfinished theater’s bad sound effects and thanks to UP dialect I hardly understood the dialogues. And only after reading reviews did I realize that my concentration was also amiss. However 2 points about it. Loved the editing and pace. Saif has furthered his own limits (pls don’t go back to metrosexual salaam namaste roles, pls, leave them to our lux model – SRK) in one scene he is unbelievable(his change in facial expression when Kesu was named Bahubali). Liked the vareity of songs. And listening the slow songs over and again.
If you haven’t but interested, I suggest you go through these two brilliant reviews/analysis. By Rangan and by Falstaff One day, I aspire to dissect a movie with such depth, understanding, conviction, command and knowledge.

Something, Something, Unakkum Enakkum: Well, the story is as old as wine.It seems highly “influenced” by Maine Pyar Kiya types. Yeah, so old. But it is still watchable for these reasons : honest performances, the happenings keep the audience engaged, the colourful costumes and controlled humour entertain. At one point, that kiss-slap sequence in a wedding, reminded me of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam so much that I thought, it would most certainly take that path. Was it a slap on HDDCS thought flow about how such small things can be corrected and life can go on ?
Btw, it has dropped the something from the title after TN govt announced goodies for films with only Tamil in title. Heh!

Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu: Frankly did not like the movie much. New york is shot beautifully.Music is very good. Songs are being continuously in my system.The performance from lead pair is great. Even though it moved fast, had surprises, finally bogs down to stereotype. Mindless voilence plus the loudness is just not my taste.
I felt sad not to have been able to follow the conversation between Kamal and Jyothika. Somehow I felt, there was potential for a beautiful complete love story, like Gajini also had, which in present form is somehow lost in the voilence, again like Gajini.

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