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Finally managed to bury down the link posts, hidden from main page. Similarly have managed another Blogmela category. Intention is to keep only the original, long writing on the main page. Just so the new vistors are not confused and decide never to return! And hopefully the main feed should carry all the posts. So there will be frequent updates (hopefully) in the feed and the main page looks calmer! Also, the email alert subscribers might get more mails (if it bothers you, let me know).
The line between blogmela and link-blog is very thin, but I just wanted to keep them separate. Also a way to keep my comments at one place. Of course, the source is already present filter blogs or the social bookmarking sites. With these here now, no more emailing links.

And as updates, there are few posts in drafts, which would be converted to posts soon. Nothing much happening otherwise to update.

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