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I can almost imagine Chaitra dancing and singing “I am a weirdo master*” to the tune and steps of “I am a disco dancer” while she did this. As if that was not enough, she decides for the first time to tag others. Honoured is yours truly.
And I did think I could not be weird and tried to find weird things about me. I, usually, keep thinking about myself for most part of the time, yet when confronted with the tag, found it difficult to list my weirdness. Strange, na ?
It may be because, I do not classify things about me under some heading. All I do should be right, no ? πŸ™‚ But after thinking and trying to understanding difference between weird and different, I actually had a long list. Without further delay, here I present, things that are weird about me:
1. During sleep: I used to walk. Also I talk. And honest and true to heart answers to the questions, at that. Thankfully, has not been used against me. And my dreamsare weird.
2. Till few years ago, I was very brave. But of late, I guess I have picked up few phobias. How I wish, I am aging in the reverse direction !! πŸ™‚
3. My thoughts. My questions. (Like why are there only 2 genders ? Why could not there have been, say 4 and any pair could copulate and reproduce ?)
4. I have this constant fear that I might die anytime now. Or something wrong happening. In a curve on the road, I fear some vehicle running over me. Or the tyre going flat/tank getting empty when I am on the busy road and vehicles running over me. Or when I am in a theater, bomb explosion or fire tragedy to occur. While travelling, the bus/train jumping off the bridge. Which is why I am trying to settle accounts with people. And finally I have this weird wish of being around here after death, like a ghost, and be able to see the lives of other near and dear ones.
5. I switch off among the crowd – three is crowd, heck I switch off even in a pair – very easily. When drawn back, I am guilty and most often forget where was I lost.
6. I have a split personality. No, really. Probably because I can control my moods. I am a different person, in person. Different in writing (chat/e-mail/blog). And slightly (in)different on phone.

And now that all is disclosed, if you feel I need treatment for one or the other, do not worry. I pretty much conceal all weirdness inside me and the interfaces to the outside world are perfectly stable.(You dont think so ? ,then let me know)

I tag thee and Megha (if Her Highness does take it up, which I doubt, she might be undisputed weirdo queen, methinks).

So , where do I stand on a WQ level ?

*Is it only me or has anyone else noticed that TV channels have united to disuse the feminine gender words like actress/danseuse , instead it has become fancy to use “Actor – Female” (as in Best Actor – Female).

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