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Due to time constraints, I will not attempt full length “review”. Just will jot down first few thoughts.

1) No surprises from KJ front. Typical KJ. Typical full houses.

2) As you might know, Devgun was initially in Karan’s mind for Rishi’s role. Thank heavens that didn’t happen. Abishek fits the role like a T. More about him/his role later. (But Devgun would have brooded and gave the role an altogether different look and intensity!!) Also as you might know, Kads was to do Maya’s role. She was busy with Fanah and didnt have dates. After the nonsense Fanah, was wondering if she missed much by missing KANK. Again, no worries as such. For a minute, though, I felt, the chemistry (so called chemistry) and the indecisiveness in Maya’s character would have been taken to an altogether different dimension, had it been Kajol, but overall Zooni was a better character than Maya (for Kads and her fans – would not have liked to see her weep so much anyways as Rani does in KANK!! But one thing she might have missed is to wear the choiciest of beautiful costumes that Rani gets to wear in Kank ). Did not like her pinkkkkkkkkkkkkkk saree in special appearance though – was Manish Malhotra drunk ?

3) Liked the way Priety’s and Abhishek’s characters are etched. Complete level headedness, feelings not surreal etc. And the way both did it (even though you feel it was easy) was just right. Abishek & Rani acted/emoted/looked just right. Full brownie points from me for them. And of course to BigB’s charisma and screen presence. Even though Rishi’s and Rhea’s characters were so perfect wonder why director’s soft-corner or compassion was always towards others – oh, thats how you can make a 3 hr movie!

4) Loved the shot when both the gorgeous ladies walk in one frame. Just lovely. Just super.

5) During one scene I ROFLing…when Maya comes home in a bizzare dress.

6) Had wished the movie ended after they separate. But then, that can not be bollywood/KJ’s movie. On another thought, it would have been cool if Rishi and Rhea got together -uff that should surprise even KJ !!

7) Liked some of the dialogues. Some of them actually surprised me.

And then, there are typical junk stuff in the story. Like the first scene b/n Dev and Maya was as if the characters knew how the rest of the 3 hours would be. Through out all readiness without base/build up. Confused characters. Stretched plot. Filmy stuff. Co-incidences. Irritating scenes. Unconvincing-ness. Logicless Etc etc.

Definitely is not the best movie of the year and no hopes for award nominations too. And also not the best of KJ too. But a good choice of plot though. And again, it could have been handled in much mature way as well. But then, given it was KJ, overboard, artificial, filmy, lack of reason, unconvincing will be it.

Chalo…now time for some review hopping.

Let me know your views/comments.

Addendum: Just loved the way Rishi and Rhea get on with their lives after the break up. Even when they come to know they were cheated, they handle it in the best way possible – Rhea one slap and asks him to get out. Rishi, poor fellow who loves his wife so much, does not even hurt her. Just breaks few furniture and asks her to leave. Perfect ! Heck they are not even angry on the third person who broke their marriage. Have rarely seen such clear thoughts. And even after the breakup, they move on just fine. No rona dhona, no fuss and again clear with what they want (Rhea needs time, Rishi finds another mate).
And by the way, I found out how the movie could have been made logical and saved: Rishi and Rhea were to have extra marital affair! They had good reasons – Rishi had an incompatible wife in Maya, Rhea had a cripled, unsuccessful husband! And Rhea and Rishi’s outlook towards life and wavelength matched well and could have easily got attracted !!
Ok, no more time will be wasted on this, just few links of reviews:
Arun peels the movie layer by layer, just as he does to his onion ! He is doing quite fine writing, consistently at that ! Keep it up, pal.
Update:This review (edited version) now appears in Rediff . Arun Ganesh is one of the 10 winners of readers review contest on rediff. And henceforth he will be a part of Rediff Movie Critics’ group. Hurray!

Rediff Exhausting film.
TOI(Nikhat Kazmi) did a better job too.

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3 thoughts on “First impressions of KANK

  1. Bullshit comments. The comment was wrong infact nothing was true. The movie is differnt from other movie but wat to do somedoesnt like differnt movie. They just wants to stay in the samething. KANK is not filmy but its about the fact of life. Any way keep on writing such stupid and silly stuffs. By the way who is gonna believe u except like u. Ok cya.

  2. Taran Adarsh has done a PR stunt for this movie by writing a highly favourable review. I did an honest attempt – even after being die-hard KJ critic. move to apna blog.

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