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There are many blogs where more stuff happens in comment space than in the posts themselves (one beautiful example will be Megha‘s). And when comment thread is not available (world is dominated by blogspots) or when you really dont want to keep track of all the comments but just interested where you have commented, or you just want the replies from blog author (There is a plugin for wp, but world is not full of wps), cocomment came to the rescue. cocomment which was helping me to keep my comments on others blogs at one place (to keep “my” efforts at one place as well as to remind myself to check at the replies) has gone a step ahead, and boy! their features rock. Now we can track all the comments on a particular post (earlier only cocomment members’ comments were tracked) and this makes it so easy to see if the person replied to your comment, all from bloglines by using the feed !! Another useful feature is to track the conversation without necessarily commenting in it. I will use the filtering too. Looks like a bunch of useful features and when I complained about my plugin including others’ comments (even though that was not the intent), their response was breezy(I/plugin author is yet to modify)! Man, free stuff and such service and features !! Go register, what are you waiting for!

And if anyone is interested in private beta testing a firefox extension by nowpublic that is expected to make

bookmarking, clipping, quoting, linking, tagging and reblogging a breeze

, then leave comment and email id here. I did.

And somewhere else I am rigorously evangelising WP and mailing few Kannada coloumnists to start a blog.

Why, you ask ? I like doing it đŸ™‚

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