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Blogging in its infant stages might have been barking in the backyard, not anymore. From MSM stealing the bloggers’ articles to now someone from Govt blocking the blogs, bloggers have created enough noise to be noticed.

More on the blocking and follow-up here, here, here and here. There are instructions how to bypass that too.(Anyways, there is no probs for web-based feed readers.)

Updated 2006-07-19
“India joins China” reads a slashdot headline and Indblogs puts India together with Pak, China, Iran etc. This day was yet to come, till now! What a shame to the largest democracy.

But what really irks me, more than the right to freedom of speech etc, is that what has been done is logically useless and crazy, technically silly and is easily futile. As bizzare, foolish (..uff I run out of words) as it can get.

At least other countries had a motive that was disclosed and they might have been successful too. But here, neither the ban is announced officially nor was there a correct implementation to justify the motive.There are so many flaws behind the act in all intellectual fronts that ………that feeling of helplessness surfaces. This world is so full of ignorants and fools.

In the MSM, in some corner, it is being talked as “Bloggers” are blocked, as if they are some jokers in some corner. Get this, you another chunk of useless fellows, that he who just reads the blogs need not be a blogger and this ban is affecting anyone – more importantly a citizen of the largest democratic country where there is present a set of “fundamental rights”. When a medium that produces quality entertainment as good as this is will get blocked, I wonder whether I should laugh or cry.

And when it is certain that they wanted to ban few of the blogs, (more here) but blocked entire domain, and they repeat the same mistake done few years ago, I am sure India’s administrative intelligence(&ISPs) becomes even more laughing stock!! I wish I am watching a senseless ironic comedy. Let me take a break.

Update 2006-07-20: Next in line : Skype.

If bloggers were talking about the bombings without either first-hand experience or new insight, that is when you should be calling them pretentious. The fallacy is in assuming that bloggers or the blogosphere have a greater purpose than navel-gazing.

Purrrfect !

It will be normal soon.

Pak helps India 🙂

Finally(from me, that is) : I would never have visited the blocked sites, but for the block ! (It is a different matter that some of them were not found, some of them in other languages, but through one of the banned sites, got few correct links.)

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