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View from Balcony

July 9th 2006 in General

I see outside from my balcony and there is a beautiful house. In their upstairs’ balcony, an young mother in her pink night dress is looking after a girl playing. Girl is no more than 3. It is the age where kids are most beautiful and most naughty. Wished I could play with her.

But upstairs balcony is a dangerous place to play. I have a height phobia but more than than, what if I fall. What if the girl falls. Oh, after the iron railings, there is an extension. A slope for around 3 feet which is painted pink*. Mother is looking away and her mother cautions, from inside the house, to her to take care of the child.

I sip coffee** and look at the clouds. They are red (sun is setting now) but looked scary as if something bad is going to happen. Winds were hurrying as if they want to avoid the traffic jam.

Girl has tried to climb past the iron railings. She is trying and mother is looking.

There must be some construction going on either for the house or for the road. There is dust and there are stones everywhere.

Child succeeds in climbing past the railings. Mother follows and warns the child. Child assures not to play mischief.

I feel more tensed. I try to shout at the mother, but my voice does not leave me.

Girl slowly moves away from mother. But since she had assured not to be mischievous, mother takes it easy and moves slowly near her. She allows her child to play as well as remains in sufficient distance to catch her.

I am getting more nervous. I fear something wrong might happen. This thought has always been there.

In a fraction of second, girl moves away from mother. And soon, she goes to the edge of the slope. Turns her face towards the mother and her back away from home.

Her dress is cute.

She spreads her hands as if she is trying to fly and smiles at her mother. Before her mother realizes whats happening and before she tries to catch her, girl falls, ever so slowly, possibly intentionally.

Stones were everywhere and right below the slope too.

Now it is coloured.


Crazy dream. Trust me not to introduce any thoughts/comparisions/phrases during writing of this. All happened in dream.

*Don’t ask me why I saw many things in pink. It was a dream.

** Coffee..it was not there in first scene. It comes in second scene. Also I think the first scene was morning while the second is evening.

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“View from Balcony”
Charulatha V

Read Sigmund Freud – Interpretation of dreams. Your dream has a deep significance.


Well, I do not have the patience of reading the book for one dream…can you tell me the significance ? :)

And, my dreams are crazy ….and to associate some significance to them ….

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