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Q: Why do you think almost all the people, even more people than required, are made to wear white almost all the time. Even during celebration ?
A: Tide is one of the sponsors.

Huh…Next time before watching, I must take care to see who are its sponsors apart from who is director/actor etc. And my choice of sponsors is Asian Paints.

What was it all about anyways…it was three stories clubbed into one. First one is about comedy. So called comedy which even though tries in all honesty just can not repeat the magic. Hera pheri I am talking about. Second one…uff I forgot. Well I guess it was romance. Third half (thats wrong..there can’t be 3 halves..but who cares..this half was uninteresting than first two halves) was about football. Football ? Yes, owing to world cup fever, Kareena and oher white damsel-widow (?!!?), and their respective team members and 2 refrees (Rajpal yadav and Paresh Rawal) involve in a game that involves snatching the football (another naturally white Kapoor) from the other team first and then kicking at the other team. In several other angle sagas, such character will wake up and give a lecture about its conscience, its wishes etc. Here nothing like that happens, because footballs dont have emotions. So he is plain confused. It was such a heart wrenching moment for the audience to take anyone’s part, that I firmly believe such cases can be easily solved by bigamy, there by chopping off the third half convincingly.(Infact if bigamy logic was used liberally, Bollywood’s film count will be reduced by half!) Why should anyone complain ? And then it is movie afterall which has some ludicrous logic anyways.

Whats my verdict about the movie…I shall refrain from giving verdicts. It is not a bad movie for I heard there is Phir Hera Pheri taking away the title for the bad movie of the week (or even year). Chup chup ke is a timepass one, closely to what it promised. Will not make you float in happiness and fun but will not make you regret about it. ( Regret comes if there was a better choice.)

So to compensate, 3rd impossible mission was accomplished. Before you remind me about the announced break, I must remind you that Da Vinci has not been seen yet. So there.

Can you guess my first spontaneous thought after looking at poster/promo of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna ? And that is even before I read trivia in IMDB ! But on second thoughts, I also see the name of Shibani Bhatija who wrote Fanaa too, and I am quite relieved. But there will be a cameo appearance and do I need more excuse to watch FDFS ? 🙂

By the way, the promo is here.

Before I end, read Phir’s review here.

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