1. The title you thought of earlier would have been good. You have potential. But try not to put them like an essay in primary school and this'll be cool.

    And if one post is centralised to one topic or theme instead of having a bit of everything, it makes it easier for ppl to comment and follow up. When the whole thing blends as a single thread.

    Sorry, I've not left my ID. Shall comment again later.

  2. My earlier plan was to write only about that particular video…so was the earlier title. But then thought of linking all other interesting vidoes which is why the change of title.

    >>You have potential
    >>But try not to put them like an essay in primary school
    You want to quote some example ?

    In my blog, I am enjoying this free flow of thoughts without bothering to consciously adhere to any formal or otherwise structure. If it sounds like primary school essay, so be it.

    As it is comments on my posts are rare and also if I had to split there would be flood of posts which is why I combine sometimes.

    Anyways your points noted and thanks for the feedback.Looking forward for your next comment and hopefully you will leave name and valid id next time. πŸ™‚

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