1. Your take is not about the "novel" …what do you think if you consider it to be just a novel ?
    But I agree that my threshold for liking a novel should increase..for that I need to read more and be able to separate good from average…

  2. Before you go ahead and reveal the entire plot, please be so kind as to put up the following line first.

    "SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!"

    Aaarrrgghhh! Hopefully, I didnt get spoiled too much.. 😉

  3. RK, wonderful bits of thoughts — believe it or not, I had the same thoughts, same thought processes as I was reading the book.
    when reading your impressions, I said "me too", "same here", so many times that I lost count.
    Lots of things made me cry – but what made me laugh the hardest was Lin clinging on to the horse – I had to put down the book, hold my stomach and laugh 😉
    And thanks for the links – haven't gone thro them all – but I will.
    Great bits of writing – makes me wish I had done this too 😉

  4. Wow, thanQ for the compliment, my joy knows no bounds 🙂
    Yeah, that Prabhaker link is from Mumbai mirror, I tried hard to search for it when I commented over your blog. I didn't find.

  5. In terms of casting for Karla — well an Indian simply wont do..esp since Karla is Swiss-german ?? I think Lisa Ray (she would have to dye her hair black) would be perfect for the part and look really compatible with johnny depp. She can emote very well..if you have seen the movie "Water"

    My second choice would be Aishwarya Rai . im looking for the green eyed variety..

    or some firangi girl.

    Didier – I think Naseeruddin would look too serious for the role as Didier's character is rather humourous and affable. An italian actor! should do the job. An indian — well anupam kher i think would be good?


    i love shantaram
    i just got a question
    at the end,
    when Lin is in the slum, and he meets his friend from jail.
    and the friend from jail tells lin, that he is going to join sapna and kill the other maifa dons.
    the friend tells him that, sapna has already killed abdul ghani, and they will kill the others.
    so what does that mean? so is nazeer incharge of the new sapna killings?
    was Lin lied to?
    is there a new sapna?

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