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May 15th 2006 in DontKnowWhomToAsk

Some questions on human memory I have from quite some time. I might get some answers via Google if I wish, but felt like recording it here to get some ready answers !!

Is human memory unlimited ?

[Is it possible to keep on memorizing ? For eg, is it possible to memorize everything that is there in a dictionary ? ]

I guess, ability to recall from memory does not only depend on when it was stored (or when it happened). Then, is there someking of “frequently accessed” area in memory from which it is easy to recall and from other areas it is difficult ?

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very interesting question.. i would personally believe that it is unlimited. u see, our brain consists of millions of neurons. so, when we learn a new thing, these neurons establish relationships among each other, which in effect holds what we learn.. there is no limit to the number of relationships niether is there a limit to neurons development..
and i heard that an average human does not use more than 20%of his brain capacity.. let us first look at using it 100 % and then expanding memory..
God Knows Best..


Will be happy if it is unlimited :)
But I dont think using 20% refers to the "memory capacity". I guess it refers to the ability to use brain for any activity (like thinking or reasoning)

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