1. It's indeed a good site yaar. You meet many of your old/lost friends.
    And it is also an example to show that the world is a small place. Take any random person, there is atleast 80% chance of you having a link with him through your friends.

  2. You are right – I used to think Orkut was just timepass, now thanks to Orkut, I have met long lost friends, rebuilt fading friendships, and am making a few new friends too!
    Guru is right, it is amazing how everybody seems to be linked to each other 🙂
    Hey you have a very nice blog. Great layout, and the snaps look great in this background.

  3. Guru..no doubt that it is a good site. Regarding the link, it is a very good example to explain linked-list 😀

  4. Shruthi, yeah..lot of ppl use it for just tp….but its a good social net-working site no doubt. But I wonder why others like My-space which is damn popular outside is not popular in India..also there are some interesting stats regarding orkut in wiki( like popularity in Brazil.)
    Thanks for droppin by and for the compliment 🙂

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