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Kangana.jpgWont say much about the movie, but let me bet Kangana Ranaut(19 yrs) is gonna win all the debutant awards this year. It was very much author backed role alright, but she is the one who makes it look the character real. She looks/dresses pretty, acts easily, screams till you go crazy and her voice is somewhat drunken, somewhat sleepy, somewhat painful and contributes very well to the character.
Camerawork is fine in many parts – the colorful nature background, the breathtaking terrace, the scene in the rain etc. Gripping and refreshing.
And of course there is one more plus point in the movie and that is super music from Pritam. Am hooked to two songs and was enjoying all the songs(except the weeping song-was that a pun??) during the movie. The songs not all necessary,but what the heck, we forget movies but songs will have more life. For that reason, no complaints about the songs. Shiney did not have much breadth but had good intensity. Emran does underplay his character well. Both have done a wonderful job. Very little was shown to justify the ‘gangster’ status. Just love the way Daya goes and beats up Akash.

I do not think I can straight away praise this one as rediff does. I felt the story was very much predictable. And relate to what Khaled (oh yes, found him back !) says here, but I shall not write it off as he does. People often confuse story with story-telling and this again is an example where the former is weak but the latter is very refreshing and strong(so what, if it was slow). The sheer complexities to characters and especially that of Simran is what makes it different.

Rating too – not a great one but worth a dekho once.
Or twice – for Kangana and her voice and her mannerisms.

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  1. Damn… u watched it before me :(…was planning to watch it this weekend.. tickets weren't available… Ended up watching Darna Zaroori Hai instead…

  2. Chaitra,
    Oh , I beat you this time !! Hows Darna business, btw ?
    Yeah man…hers is the finest debut in recent years !

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