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Okay..this is blogmela post again. Hopefully this will be regular. The procastrination was only to make this not hog the main page but to get buried inside like the Linkblog. But due to various reasons, I have to wait for someone to come up with plugin/code that allows to hide more than one category posts on the main page and but to still allow it in the feed.

Kiruba mentioned about cycling sometime back and I immediately pinged Guru. Discussion, planning, booking happened and right now they must be travelling on their cycles from Bangalore to Chennai. Am eager to hear their experiences. Guru mentioned that people were laughing at his adventure and when I spoke of it here, I too faced that. I did not really expect people not to appreciate people doing different things. One person said, they could just circle around a big ground number of times. I burst out laughing. I said you would also suggest that climbing up and down our terrace 1000 times is equivalent to climbing Mt.Everest. Of course I remembered this quote as well:

“Because it is there.” – George Mallory (1886-1924), answer to the question ‘Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest ?’.

Dreamvendor quits blogging which is kinda sad. More so because he wrote some of the finest stories in Coffee and Stories. Mansi,Siddarth and coffee, I will dearly miss.
Chitra was wondering about some confusions. I tried to share my views. The questions and comment is reproduced here. If any of you have questions, do ask me. But do not expect to get answers or to clear your confusions, you will plainly get *my* views.

After reading the following, if you agree/disagree do let me know.


Companionship + comfort + support + mutual respect + chemistry = Friendship?

Friendship + desire = Love?

Love + commitment = Marriage?

The best compliment that can be paid to anything artificial is being compared to the real thing. What about the real thing?

A house built on compromise can never be a home?

What exactly is meant “striking the right balance” in life? Does it mean the right kind of compromise at the right time?

Too much of money is too bad, so say the rich?

Is honesty or hypocrisy the best policy?

Is there anything that’s more destructive than ego?

Do men deserve women?

Where does all the money paid in tax go?

Is vanity always the name of thy woman?

Is there an upper limit set for compromise?

Can we fall in love as and when we wish to?

Why do some people derive a perverse pleasure in causing pain to others?

What’s responsibility? Towards self……or towards your loved ones?

And what’s that which stops us from expressing ourself whole-heartedly? Fear of being ridiculed or fear of being rejected?

When we spend time with people whom we like, are we doing them a favour…or ourselves a favour?

My replies:

1) Might be one equation. It need not be the “only” one.

2) No. Much more or totally different.

3) Huh! Again very generic and acceptable definition for a short temporary moment of time.

4) Good question. A lame attempt at answering (I want to attempt all questions…never did it in school/college) Real thing gets its compliment from being useful. (again a narrow defn..but ..)

5) Can’t say. If just the belief can be percieved as truth the whole life without encountering/producing proofs to change the belief, anything on earth is possible.

6)Yes…very right…even you can relax the time axis.

7) Not quite an irony, for they have seen the other side of the grass which is supposed to be green.

8) Justify that hyprocrisy is best policy ! 😉

9) Yes. Jealousy. Hatred. Revenge.

10) The very first thought – do women deserve men ?
On more thoughts, men deserve women either as much as women deserve men or more than that.

11) Karmanye vaadhikaraste maa phaleshu kadachana 😉

12) Dont know.

13)For the weak minded, no. For the strong willed, yes.

14) Immediate response – what crap….Thoughtfully, question is too general and subjective. And implementation specific ! But importantly, how do I know ??!

15)Dont know.

16)Self first. Which in most cases will in turn be towards loved ones. In case if not, no probs. [No, I was not like this. But it really is meaningless to be more responsible to others than to oneself]

17)Dont know, bcoz nothing stops me. I believe in say what you want to say, do waht you want to do, -those who matter dont mind and those who mind dont matter etc etc. Simply put, I hate keeping the ball in my court, I hit it back first and then worry if it was a good shot or it went out of court. But then, the act is already committed 🙂

18)Of course ourselves, bcoz the inverse relation is not specified in the question. (I mean, if those whom we like really didnt like us, then it is a pain they are enduring and it is never our favour to them.) On the same thoughts, when you spend time with those whom you dont like, will you do them a favour or will you do yourself a favour (by saying bye) ?

70mm moves to
Bro shares his experience on that day of disturbance after Dr Raj’s death. I have never seen (*touchwood*) a mob or voilence and it must have been a scary-n-confused ordeal.

I passed quietly through the black smoke of burnt tyres.

I wished he had a camera though.
Sripathi has an account of his trip to Madikeri and some previous posts had good pics of the same. Now, coorg has been one another most elusive picnic spots for me and incidentally in last one year all my friends have toured separately to that place and now I am left with no company 🙁

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5 thoughts on “Cycling, Answers etc

  1. And yes.. regarding the Pedalathon.. many even said to me that I'm doing an attempt to suicide.

    But whatever it may be.. I enjoy doing things which 'according to people is impossible/crazy'.

    It was worth the pain.

  2. Yeah..we shall plan sometime to Coorg..this time we shall go come rain or shine !

    As we discussed before there are always people who do not see what you/me see and vice-versa. As long as you enjoy, you should not give ears to what others say…crazy or otherwise.

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