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April 22nd 2006 in Movie talk

Kajol_FanaaIts Kads return to big screen and how can this blog keep quiet [after all her search accounts for 60% of hits to my site!!]…….
Late but nevertheless…here are the links to savour:
First Look,Promo, Teaser, Songs

Promo Video (ram format)
Posters Pics and costumes are very colourful….
Another songs site (No, havent heard them….news is that it is disappointing…does it matter?? ….I even did not even notice Aamir Khan in the promo…so there…).

So all you search engines…note this ….KAJOL FANAA kajol Kajol Fanaa kajol….should I repeat….??
[All those fans from the corner of the world, who leave comments here in various languages..please note, this site is not a fans’ group…..for that visit Kajol-Boards.Net]

May 26th is the date….

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Oye…sakkath posters !


hey, nice pics :) kajol as pretty as ever… amir looks little buddha :(

Praveen G K


Did you listen to the songs? They are not all that good!! But anyways, Kajol looks ravishing!!!!


All…thank u for good words about Kajol….been hearing all positive about Kads, all negative about Aamir and mixed response for the music …
No Praveen, haven't yet heard the music :(

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