1. he he, oc template is nice 😀
    coming to the movie, even i liked it, the concept is really good. i guess every individual could relate to this different phases of infatuations, crush, attraction and a serious relationship.
    but what I felt as a drawback was, showing sudeep's and meena's relation as platonic. i guess the direction failed in that part. they could have shown it a less intense when they wanted to show it more of a pure friendship. It just dint look real for a guy who gets carried away with a small thing like a plait of a girl, not getting carried away with a person like meena, who is being so good to him, whom he thinks is the best friend and not wanting her to spend the rest of her life with him…. er.. practical??? i dont think so… 😐

  2. khushi,
    agree with you …but i can offer some explanations, (for the sake of it!) :
    1) After a failed attempt, he might have become disinterested. (I hope you would agree this as practical!)
    2) An era is passed after he fell for a plait….he has grown up, become mature [and even got hurt] now..
    3) It was not like he didnt want to spend the rest of life, but "she" didn't allow such thoughts.[I mean there was no hint that she wanted and he didn't want] And some relations, you are happy to let it remain friendship….

    May be as you said, it was not conveyed properly but the result is totally acceptable and practical, methinks.

  3. Hi RK,

    It was a nice review to read on latest sensible actor in kannada. The movie 'My Autogrpah' i liked for various reasons first The Storyline as you rightly pointed out that the actors each and every one (especially the nught young guys) has played their part very well and no melodrama or rona dhona stuff. secondly The sensible dialogues and last one is The perfect ending. I myself watched kannada movie after long time ina Theatre (my last movie was 'Upendra' in kanaka pura, Boy i was shocked see such a movie, till this date i have no clue why did it became a hit :)) I pulled my Friend and his family who are Gadinadu-Kannadiga's but prefer lots of malayalam movies, they too liked the movie.

    Intially i had some reservations as watching the typical remake ( I guess kannada films are famous in that aspect,) But good movies can be remake also as long as it is made with lots of good taste,effort and ground work done on the subject.

    Yes it was it was bit more then shaky start for first timer and funny emotions were lost when he forgets to put cassette and both friends laugh on that matter some how that spontanity was not there in that movie unlike in the tamil version.
    Some how i liked the ending in which he moved from one phase to another at the same time being in touch with his old friends (flames ?:)). Especially when bride requests him to shave of his beard at least on the wedding day was really cute.

    Overally it was a refreshing movie in which many department of the film making did excel in many aspects.(at least in the context of Actor-Direcotr type, where its always hero is shown as supernatural force). I hope Sudeep retains is sensitivity for few more years unlike Ravichandran making soft-porn and throwing Grapes on heroine's belly button. Ramesh is one more sensible actor-director, hope their tribe grows and The kannada film's will also regain the golden era which kannada enjoyed few decades back.

    It was nice read through your blog, keep posting more. Good Day.

    -Prashanth CM

  4. Hello Mr.Sudeep,
    I saw ur movie "My Autograph" after hearing a lot of good reviews about it. I must say the movie is great and a welcome break among Kannada films. All those Kanndigas who have stopped watching Kannda movies will defn find this one a worthy watch.
    The casting is excellent and the photography too. All the lead ladies are very beautiful and acted with a lot of grace.
    I congratulate you on this success and hope u make more such wonderful films which will probably draw back the 'educated' audience back to Kannada films.
    My only request is "PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE ON SCREEN!!!Whatever be the situation, i am sure the sorrow can be depicted in many other ways!!"

  5. Prashant,
    Thanks for dropping by. Agree with your comments.
    This site is not of Sudeep's. Am just an ordinary movie goer like you.

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