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This post has been in my mind’s draft since many days.

Like many others, I too started my blogging at blogspot. At that time it was the best one available and very easy to start off. As long as I type and publish it looked all fine. But as I looked around and saw the features and wanted them on my site, when I started changing templates etc the real problem started. My annoyance and frustration increased logarthmically and after a point I just stopped blogging until I could find a comfortable place. After that, it was wordpress and the love just grew !

Whenever I was asked of suggestion to create a new blog, I still continued suggesting blogger, for the starters, because hosting wp is still a problem, where as with blogger it is click and start.

Those who did start their blogs after a couple of days, when they started comfortable, started changing the look. Hey, its easy –go here, click there and you are set. No problems so far. Then the query was to put links in sidebar. Hey thats easy too — create a tag yourself, put this here and paste it there, publish and you are set to go. And any minor hiccups, hardcode it again. You change the template, hard code it again.

All this before the world was blessed with And once that happened, I predicted a premature death of blogger. It was not to be. But now I had 2 suggestions.

Those who got ahead with wp, the above queries were solved in a flash. But now queries got different – “I want like this that is on your site”. Importantly, calendar, categories, extra stuff in sidebar. It was impossible in blogger or it was a pain to do this in blogger. Then I started suggesting only wp – links, categories etc managed in a flash, but one thing remained a pain in wp too -sidebar management.

Even in my standalone WP installation, theme independent sidebar management was my dream requirement. Few weeks ago, sidebar widgets have arrived and it is just perfect and it is what I refferred to as last nail in the coffin of blogspot! (Infact why it was not taken up from the beginning is a mystery considering that few of my seimologic plugins worked on all themes without my effort)(And one thing is still pending is the javascript ability in widgets, right now it is only text or php).

And looking at these widgets (, text,rss,shoutbox), I remember using all these without the power of plugin/widget and feel that I should have started it is so painless!

The new widgets‘ list is growing very fast and the oppurtunities are unlimited ! I have decided that I will use only widgetized themes anymore.

PS: There is now a web2.0 service called labelr which manages categories for blogger, for those still with blogger. But to them also, I suggest one click import in[This again is so hasslefree, I had to manually do all that :(]Talking of labelr, as Scoble said earlier, name ending with r seems to be a trend..and I have a perfect web2.0 compatible name – ravikiranr 🙂

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  1. Yup, am damn kicked by widgets. Someone said it is gonna revolutionalize wp. Btw, I expected you to point out 2 more shortcomings of, one the header image changing and the other to use javascript/php on sidebar or even in posts/pages.

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