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Half a dozen or more stories running parallely, though looks puzzling in the beginning, converge during the later stages. It is all about the absense of compassion, fear, oppression, exploition, corruption, the vulnerabilities, color descrimination and prejudices. It took some time before I could clearly understand or before it sink in me. In approx 90 minutes, the audience is taken over a ride of emotions varying from – pity, anger, shock, fun. At the end one leaves the hall feeling for everyone but not taking the side of anyone – that is exactly what script writer/director too has done – in a neutral view a slice of life is shown of people who are under fire one moment and holding the trigger, another moment.

My three favorite scenes are – a mother scolding her good and correct son while taking the side of an evil son. This emphasizes there is a different world in everyone’s eyes. Another scene, that of a angry-bored lady who says “I am not feeling well today and it is NOT because of car being stolen, I wake up like this everyday” (not very accurate…reproducing from memory). This shows how important is it to compose ourself and that our own mindset is very critical in what we percieve about others. Third one is where a father inculcates strength in his daughter by tieing an invisible thread.

This movie is again a writer’s favorite for there can be written pages about the behaviour, about why, what, how of it , and more – like the politics, the situation forced action vs reaction against action, the history, the facts so on and so forth.

I really wished I could write further but, since I browsed through the internet, I fear my thoughts now are not very original. I conclude by saying , this slow-poison-movie deserved the Oscar honours.

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