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Being Cyrus, Zathura

April 17th 2006 in Movie Reviews

Being Cyrus:

An art film that has tried to be commercial with the help of starcast and promotion, this one does not disappoint. A different one, as everyone would opine, has its highlight in good performances and yeah, a different plot.

Whenever I see a bad one, I keep consoling myself to remind me that, bad ones make us realise the goodness in average ones. Along with that this also gave me a good insight on why Tamil filmdom produces so successful films – because audience will be happy for anything. This movie, if made in Kannada would not run 2 shows in B grade halls in Karnataka, in Tamil runs almost full house after 25 days and receives whistles and claps !

A kiddish adventure-turned-comedy movie. Oh! the comedy was due to an inquisitive and curious backseat kid’s never ending continuous questions. But alas, the post interval was not so fun because the kid changed his seat and moved away.

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“Being Cyrus, Zathura”

dont u have enough time?? y only such small reviews???

i have watched only Being Cyrus among them.. n its good.. worth watching..


Absolutely no time. Just wanted to make a record here before blogging something else. Anyways, the other two are not worth reviewing in detail.

Tch. I never thought I would use my blog as FOW.
Never; for theree resasons:

1)There is never an end.
2)Its about people (so far!) and as per the saying, only small minds discuss people and I better be discussing ideas !
3)This site is *my* real estate and I should not give space to others. As the tagline […]

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