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When you’re young you want to change the world. When you’re older you just want to understand it. – Unknown

Is it ? I tried understanding all while and have energy to continue that. Understanding the world -its people, thier behaviour, relations, its very existence, the science behind it, the logic behind it ..Most of the time the understanding fails and it poses more complex questions. There I can accept either of two solutions – one to believe that there is an answer to everything and “one” source knows it and to surrender to that source. Other being comfortable to realise that there need not be an answer, or that there can be an answer but at this certain point of time I do not have any way of knowing it. Understanding it. I can either continue trying to understand next oppurtunity I get or close it once for all by choosing the first path. I think I can be comfortable in the second choice.

But what I guess is important either way is to realise that “we do not yet know it completely”.

But while all this pondering has been happening and fights going on, I never thought of changing the world ..if any, that feeling(only mildly) is surfacing now. I realised early on that it is too vast and always tried to find a place for myself inside it. Yes there are irregularities, things that are not right, things that can go wrong. Yes, but I somehow remain blind to them (is it fear or is it a failure I do not know) and concentrate at what is right, at what is good, at what makes this such a lovely space inspite of those dark spots.

But I realise that if everyone resorted to safe corners, today it would not have been as good a place. Fighters (freedom or any other fighter for a social/general cause), believed they could bring about a change and worked towards it. Some succeeded and hence today it is much cleaner.

Yet, is not as clean as it is ought to be and that requires those who behave opposite to what the quote says.

First try to understand and then try to change.

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