1. Welll…. i do agree as far as 9211 is concerned, but bluffmaster on the other hand was not exactly a pop-corn movie… because the presentation, the slick photography and the performances were very much appreciable…..

    Moreover, none of these films can be compared to what david dhawan churned out, specially the ones with Govinda….. they were crude and sometimes vulgar…. here the movies might not have good stories or strong performances but they are trying to make it a bit hatke 😀

  2. Bluffmaster…yeah agree…it was like few drops of butter on popcorn!

    Yeah..DD's movies were mindless…no doubt. The comparision was only regarding the apparent fast production cycle and frequent releases..

    And of course..I like this hatke funda…Infact I like these because they keep the romantic angle to the bare minimum 🙂 Just wish they could experiment with time and reduce it to 1or 1 1/2 hr!

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