1. was it mentioned anywhere that CI's keep changing their personalities.. or am I contradiction?

  2. me too..
    except that "distinctively expressed intuitive personality" changes to "very expressed intuitive personality" and judging changes from "slightly" to "moderately"

    btw.. the last time i took some personality test, i got a totally different result..
    may be, I am changing 🙂

  3. One thing about being a CI is the ability to wear people like shirts. I have had the ability since I was a child.
    I used to keep the good parts of feeling/being someone elseand throw away the bad. I can know by my intuition someone elses motives by feeling their body language and or listening to them utter a sentence.

  4. Friends. Don't feel alone if you aren't understood when you speak, and it seems that most everyone around you is something other than what you are because they don't comprehend your words and metaphors. It's a gift in fact, but at times it feels like a curse. To feel as if I've lived longer, and done more, by having experienced through emotion what others have around me.

    If you wonder why so many of us are here at once, it's because we have all felt different, and sought answers.

  5. I sometimes look at people who can't understand me as stupid. I normally don't think this, I think it may be me going through a critical time right now. None the less, I do sometimes believe that people think I'm stupid. I don't talk much, when I do, it usually ends up with the other person not knowing what to say. I give great advice. I can feel and sense what others are thinking. Sometimes it scares me.
    I'm highly impressionable though. Peoples thoughts and feelings rub off on me, so I have to walk around with a shield.

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