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Please tell me.

February 13th 2006 in Uncategorized

Update: Result is out. Majority feel that the link posts are to be removed out of main page as it is confusing and page looks cluttered. Using my wish (which got one vote!) the result for second poll is tied. So I will leave it as it is.

So in effect, link posts out of main page but not out of main feed.

But, it will be sometime before I can make the changes.
Request you to help me make a decision, please :

I understand that third option beats the whole purpose of polls, just request you not to vote for that!!

An ever confused and ever opinion/feedback seeking guy I am, you will see such polls more often :)

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“Please tell me.”
Sripathi Kamath

hehe.. i am the first one to answer your poll :))
btw.. this preview below rocks


Poll was also a good experiment…(free) blog tools are fun from games to poll to what not. You name it, you get it !


Using asides (from K2) would be a better idea. I have incorporated it on my blog and modified it a bit (thanks to Kristin). I need them because I am big on links and would continue doing it even if people don't prefer it. Intermingling with regular posts also helps and reduces the cluttered look, as many have complained about.


Thanks Patrix. But when I tried K2, my friends were not receptive of the theme and I had to drop the theme :(


Also, I can't intermingle as my link posts are automatic from del.icio.us each day. So if I browse each day there will be links but my posts are not that regular.


I understand. You could put your del.icio.us links on the sidebar and insert asides inline. But then, its a matter of personal choice.

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