Paulo Coelho’s interview in Indian Express
On India
..there is a very important lesson that I think your country teaches the whole world and that is tolerance.

Turning point:
Then, there was a moment in my life when I was 38. I had nearly everything, love, money, a house, but I was not happy. Then came the turning point. I said, why am I unhappy? I am unhappy because I am not doing what I want to do and that was to write.

On being sent to asylum:
It was because they said you have to be home by 11 o’clock. I said no, I’ll be home whenever I want. That was the last, I would say, drop in the glass.

About jail experience
But in the jails, they are only trying to suppress you as a human being, to put you in a state of fear.

On death:
A beautiful angel. Death’s going to kiss me.

About himself:
I am a very emotional person, yes; sometimes I am very calm and sometimes I am a warrior — it’s the same contradiction that you see in nature.

A message:
You have to face your fears, you have to overcome your moments of doubt, you have to believe that if you look for it there is always a solution….But to do that, you have to be brave. Brave enough to fight for things that are meaningful to you.