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Flashback and Goal setting

January 21st 2006 in Life

Like last year, I do a flashback and goal setting. Oh yes, this year there will be a performance review of previous year too…
Review of Goal setting:
>>Read 10 (at least) novels/general books. And at least 4 technical books
I failed on technical book count. But will make more than that this time. Other books I did not keep a count but must have reached that.
>>Wake up before a fixed time in the morning – any day/any weather/any going-to-bed-time
Huh. Serious failure for 5 months after I came to Chennai. Have to restart now.
>>Visit/ spend time with “relatives”
Well….I had only 6 months time in Bangalore…..and failed in this one too.
>>To *reduce* money spent on movies. Instead watch “plays” and invest in “books”
Well, did go to plays. But relocating from Bangalore meant I could not watch as many plays as I would have wanted. Money spent on movies was increased, but only relief is equal or more amount of money is invested in books.


And finally goal settings:
In addition to default goals (The failures of previous goals):

  1. Go on at least 4 tours
  2. Take food at same time everyday.
  3. Donate blood at least 3 times.

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“Flashback and Goal setting”
Hiren shah

Good time of the year to review and set new goals.


Yes Hiren, this time hope to be stricter than last time in execution.


This was the last post i had read.


bk, that is almost a fortnight old and after which min 5 posts have come. what are you using your damn broadband for ?

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