Like last year, I do a flashback and goal setting. Oh yes, this year there will be a performance review of previous year too…
Review of Goal setting:
>>Read 10 (at least) novels/general books. And at least 4 technical books
I failed on technical book count. But will make more than that this time. Other books I did not keep a count but must have reached that.
>>Wake up before a fixed time in the morning – any day/any weather/any going-to-bed-time
Huh. Serious failure for 5 months after I came to Chennai. Have to restart now.
>>Visit/ spend time with “relatives”
Well….I had only 6 months time in Bangalore…..and failed in this one too.
>>To *reduce* money spent on movies. Instead watch “plays” and invest in “books”
Well, did go to plays. But relocating from Bangalore meant I could not watch as many plays as I would have wanted. Money spent on movies was increased, but only relief is equal or more amount of money is invested in books.


And finally goal settings:
In addition to default goals (The failures of previous goals):

  1. Go on at least 4 tours
  2. Take food at same time everyday.
  3. Donate blood at least 3 times.

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