Sankranti and the weekend that was

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A quick record on my previous weekend.

It was as usual hectic with meetings but enjoyed the time.

Saturday is, again as usual, completely reserved for the family and to remain at home. No meetings this day (Not even Lord Venkatesha (@Devagiri) is given time, why care about others!). Relax, see films (Scooby Doo, Kill Bill in fast fwd mode), browsing. Oh yes, pack/eat “ellu-bella”, traditional sweet to be distributed on Sankranti.

Sunday after a smart hair cut[I feel so much better now!], it was time for Carom, Cards with my bro and meetings. First RV came home, a bit late than expected (many friends like to keep me waiting…), but wonderful time was had, showing around the house/my room/few books I have. Next it was my turn to keep DS and GP waiting. I rushed to the “My tea house”, where with DS, GP, CS , CV, SY, DN, MBK was spent rest time – with great amount of fun (as usual) and with meaningful talk too. I think I dominated the proceedings, must take care next time not to step on others’ shoes/time. Next it was a visit to SP’s house and amidst talk of past-future, some savouring (?!) of chocolates too. An unexpected barge-in visit to SP confirmed I had Monday under my dispose and control.

Monday started with an early morning jog-cum-meeting of SV, NBK. I appreciate myself for utilising the time and thinking out a slot, convenient to all parties. This will repeat!

Later it was a visit to Forum and roaming around alone first and then food at Pizza Hut joined by ex-colleagues -RS, SMS, SCR, HKR, HMR. First meet I was having after I had left, so lot of catching up with updates and listening to Germany experiences happened. Good time was had. In the second session was joined by .C,RR,VS and roamed around exchanging happenings in our lives.

Thank you, all of you.

Almost during my complete presence, broadband was down. On second thoughts, am not complaining personally, but the response and service was pathetic.

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