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Been thinking of posting links of blogposts, along with my commentary/views on it, just for my bookmarking purposes and to direct my friends (who visit here) to those particular posts[something similar to what I would have asked them in person “did you see that?”]. Of course, you do know the blogroll I follow, but this is bit different. This just points to particular posts. These posts will be under the category Blogmela!

Rest assured, this is very rarely updated and I would want this to be out of front page (along with links, but will be present in feed), so that front page will have only my original postings about my life and thoughts.

To start the mela, what else would have been a better occassion than to point at Sidin whose page just got added Freelancer(!!) at the end of REC Trichy -> BE Metallurgy -> Auto Comp -> B2B Portal -> CAT -> IIMA -> ATK.

Given his talent and popularity, it is a good decision.

But brave one too.
The reasons are numerous. But in the end I decided I needed to do what I was happiest doing.

Even if some of you have not visited his blog, his posts have definitely reached your inbox – be it world famous hilarious post of “The Travails of Single South Indian men”, or To BE or not to BE . His other interesting posts are Memoirs of MBA ,LEM to slaughter , the recent one Games fat people play.

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