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AB Baby

January 9th 2006 in Movie talk

Big B is the person of the year 2005, all polls claimed. He was extra-ordinary in Black, Viruddh, Kajra re, and so on. But wait, he is Big B and he is supposed to be brilliant. Except for shocking blunder of choices like Mrityudaata, he has always been best. He is the star of the millenium and how can you just reduce to person of “the year”.
Some persons achieve so much that, in my book, I would stop looking at them objectively, critically. For eg, Sachin Tendulkar, the genius, has passed all tests and has passed that mortality and has become an immortal, a legend. If he hits a century in a brilliant manner, it is neither new or unexpected. If he goes out for duck too, it is not a news because it does not proove anything.
I remember Lata and Asha ‘retiring’ from awards because it did not matter anymore. Anyone and everyone knows they are the best.
So, in my view, the previous year went to Abhishek Bachchan![1] He carried Bunty Aur Bubli well and then came with a neat and different performance in Sarkar! To end the year, he has Bluffmaster – it did not offer him too much to do but he is topping music charts! To recall, along with BigB, he was seen often in aTV earlier the year in Kajra re.
More importantly, he has come out of shell and proved himself. His earlier dancing inability has been overcome with some smart choreography and camera. He too suffered from some bad choices earlier, but now everything is going right for him. It might be too early, but looking at past 2 years, he has done quite well and this year looks promising too.
[1]Saif was very good in Parineeta and he had Salam Namaste too. But he was in news for wrong reasons too. And I saw only Waqt of Akshay and not very impressed.

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“AB Baby”

well i too agree, that person of the year is AB junior, i especially praise his dressing particularly in bluffmaster, dont know wht made all those wear all those strange looking clothes with different colours in his earlier films…

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