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Owing to time crunch and fear of not making a record of it (purely for my own interests) , I will just bullet them now:

  • You and your research:This one is a must read. Remember Hamming Parity Code ? I particulary will never forget that because a semester earlier to the formal course on it, there was a mere mention in digital logic. I had taken extra effort in reading it (it was not in the prescribed text books), understanding it and was amazed at the beauty and simplicity of it! I also made it a point to share my happiness about it with few like minds (Sriram, for one). To my surprise there was a problem on it in the exam and was more than glad to solve it when rest in the class did not attempt it. If you are still reading shameless self-talk of a lowly creature – I request you again to click on this link. I would write a detailed one on this along with extracts (that I fear would reproduce much of the text) but the talk is a must read. After Feynmann’s biography, this talk will be very close to my heart. Some scenarios might not apply to us, but overall, the talk is a great one. Please read. (20 pages, but worth the time).
  • Saw Rama Bhama Shama few days back. Wanted to write a detailed review and postponed all this long but ….
    Originally I wanted to see Nenapirali, but it had been changed. After knowing RBS is a remake of Biwi No 1, I was further disappointed. But it was a great laugh riot on the lines of Hungama. It was a long time since I had enjoyed so much – laughing till eyes watered and stomach ached. (Biwi No 1 was a sad stuff). Ramesh and Urvashi with the help of the one-n-only Kamal Hassan ensured that the laughters were unstoppable. Hats off to Kamal who mouthed North Karnataka dialogues with panache and ease. Munda ?
  • Last 4 days I saw 3 movies.

  • Bluffmaster – all along the movie I kept wondering how could Ramesh Sippy make a film like this. Not that it is bad…I was figuring out how BuntynBubli won in departments Bluffmaster fails…but at the end with that twister in the plot (honestly i didn’t guess that), it made sense. Reminded me of The Truman Show.
    And now, grooving to the lovely track Right here right now !
    See this:

    waqt ka kya bharosa banke paani beh jaaye
    kal agar na mil paaye reh na jaaye baat baaki

  • Also hearing and liking Jiya Dhadak from Kalyug, Khalbali from Rang De Basanti. That reminds me, there is a music review put up on 70mm and that reminds me that 70mm has not been very active. Please contribute, you will receive a thank you.
  • Shikar: Sarfarosh’s director reappears after 5 long years. But keep your expectations low. Shubham.
  • King Kong: Too long (3.5 hours?!). Did not enjoy thoroughly. Lot of fun and special effects.
  • Last few months read these books:

  • One night @ call center: Not bad. But FPS was a wonder. The writer is not bad but I can only conclude like this: real life experiences always make a better story rather than the researched one. Consciously trying to create another FPS is difficult to work out. Which is why everytime I see DCH I just get up and bow Farhan. It is not only impossible to expect another gem from him but also unfair. Same with Chetan Bhagat.
    Having said that, book contains good one liners, a trademark of CB. It also tells a tale well – of romance, of heart break, drama etc.
  • Chanakya Neethi: Some are good, others highly perspective (without logic and reasoning) and biased. The commentary sucked big time.
  • The No.1 Ladies’ detective Agency: Unlike Sherlock Homes, this one is very near to real life. Soft, emotional and cold sometimes.
  • The English Teacher (R K Narayan) – It started off very well. It was dreamy – could not predict what would keep it going. There it was – a slow twist and the story does not remain same. I tend to believe, this was definitely NOT in the author’s mind when he started to pen the novel…(but who am I a meager mortal to guess about the legendary RKN) ..there are some telling moments and words when you feel like reading it over and over again…there is great description in everything (as is usual in his other works too)..but I want sweet novels..failed love stories is also ok…but not the one like this which describes the death of a lovely wife and its aftermath …This essay looked fine-gosh I didnt think all this!!
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