1. thanks for the link. I watched the documentary and your post echoes my thoughts too. Just by working in a call centre I doubt if people actually leave their traditions as some of the girls pointed out.

    Was very impressed and inspired by Rajesh Rao and Azim.

    "What I fear is that, given the wide audience of the channel/site, Indians will again be stereotyped to certain individual%u2019s thoughts, just as many foriegners even today think India is a land of snakes, elephants and beggars." so very true given the way it was projected.

  2. arunima,
    thanks for visiting 🙂
    Rajesh Rao was too good. I love the way he said "We are going to Roooole". Heard (read in a blog) that 2 whole chapters have been written about him in World is flat…am waiting to read that book.

  3. Yup, as usual we discuss good issues 😉
    Well, as I said in that discussion, I am in the hangover of the documentary and am currently reading World is flat 🙂
    Also, I was surprised to see this piece very same day about exactly what we discussed : NM pans IT critics

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