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December 28th 2005 in Life

These days you can catch me smiling, giggling almost anytime :D. Some small reasons or otherwise. I am generally happy (Except when I think I have not even started to study…back again to procastrinating of Engg days). I go near mirror, I will realise myself smiling. I look at monitor, I will be giggling looking at some or the other mail or if nothing remembering someone/something.

The hangover of family day celebrations is helping and adding to that is the festive season of December[vacation of colleagues]. Not to forget the visits to home is adding its own colour.

The peaceful days remind me of last year March when I led a dreamy life (you can also see that posts were considerably more then!) . Time flies…

Upon these, I am reading real good content from books or essays that have a very positive and optimistic influence on me and my energy glow must be visible I guess :) Reading brings its own pleasure!

Today I recieved the holiday list for next year of our organisation. 8 out of 10 holidays will give me extended weekends (holidays fall on Fridays and Mondays) ;-) And 2 can be converted to extra long weekends (Holidays on tuesday and thursday) !

And at the end, living the day if not to fullest but without regrets ! Life!

Ps: There are few complaints,requirements or rants but I do not want to pollute this post :)

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This and this .
Times have changed since the days when we were being made fun of being spoon fed.

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