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December 20th 2005 in Life

“Let’s say that passenger A’s usual fare would be $1, passenger B’s is $5 and passenger C’s is $9. If all three share a cab (and assuming A and B are allowed to hop out on the way to C’s destination, without incurring any special fees), the total bill would be $9 — rather than the $15 they’d have to pay, total, to ride alone. How should they divide up the cost of the shared $9 ride? Or, put another way, how do they share the $6 of total savings?”

I came across this question in Emergic. There are various answers in WSJ but as registration is required to see the site, I could not access it.

What are your answers (apart from those mentioned in Emergic) ?

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Sripathi Kamath

I feel that they should proportionately pay $5.4, $3 and $0.6. This is directly based on ratio and proportion.


Thanks for the answer!
Needless to say, you are right. And given our tech (read math) background we would approach it that way. Infact all the people I sent/asked did the same.
I am curious to know what is in WSJ, so I am hoping that someone comes across this post and gives me what is in WSJ (no, bugmenot didn't work). And am also hoping that some commenter gives me a different answer than the ones we know!

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