On Saturday in VGP resort, curtains were drawn to the week long festive mood and activities in the VISMERIZE event,a family outing of associates of our organization.
Prior to the event, the preparation and celebration had been going on in the office for the past week. After having formed 4 groups of approx 50 each, each team selected a lead and named their teams. Soon after naming themselves majaa, diShoom diShoom, Remo and PODANGO, the teams started publicizing each of them by pasting posters all around. Then it was the turn of balloons, paper hangings, Christmas tree decoration, cloth banners, colorful emails, rangoli and other designs, Welcome doll, art gallery – the list of innovative decoration and publicity stunts could give professional event managers and publicity managers a complex. No stone was left unturned to make their groups famous and to have fun and to fight against other groups! Each day it was fun to notice the new surprise offerings from each group. The characteristic of all stunts were of the processions that team members made around in the office, in their team uniform, some distributing sweets and some dancing to loud music. The get up of the entire office was changed to that of a wedding hall and obviously it made call-taxi driver to exclaim – “Is this the office I am supposed to come?”. All the teams were allocated certain amount of money for the preparations and decorations. In between all this, the teams also practised with vigor and enthusiasm for the cultural activities. Not to forget that the team meetings, deliveries too continued as usual.
So as a final day of the proceedings, VGP resort was chosen for one day hangout of associates along with their families. On arriving at resort, crowd finished breakfast and warmed up slowly playing & looting prizes at carnival game stores.

Though the dark clouds in the morning put fears about good proceedings of the events and the plan, there was pleasant dreamy weather for half the day thus allowing gathering to enjoy the time. During which the attendees were split into 4 teams Kadale kadale,Pal pal,Murukku & Inji morappa and numerous fun events were conducted. These events were designed mostly to involve family members of the associates. To say that kids and spouses got involved would be an understatement, they enjoyed thoroughly and they turned out to be fiercely competitive. Several rounds of games were entertaining as well as pure fun. The groups were just waiting for an oppurtunity to run near the stage, oppurtunity to break into dancing, oppurtunity for photo sessions!

The cricket match happened probably without many spectators as other activities and lunch happened in parallel to cricket. Sivakasi team won the match hands down after having set a target of 10 runs in as many overs by the opponents Ghazini team.

Shortly after the lunch, the awards recognizing contribution and long service were given away. The clouds which had so long observed the activities came down and caused hindrance to the further scheduled events which mainly consisted of cultural activities’ competition among the groups. After a delay though, with out withdrawing, the competition started and continued in the hall.

Group Song: majaa & diShoom diShoom were very close to each other & to the prize. While majaa got more applaud, it was presumably to splendid, unimaginable performance (dwarf dance ?- how else do I call it) that went on alongside the singing. So singing per se, diShoom diShoom might have been ahead, more so because they discarded the conventional background music and sung without it. This exposed their singing abilities – like co-ordination(sync), timing – and rightly took away the Oscar.

Dance:When the compere said PODANGO set high standards for the dance competition, I felt he was exaggerating. For me the race was already over & won by PODANGO. But great performances were given by both majaa and diShoom diShoom that it was extremely difficult to point to one team as winner. Majaa took home the Oscar.

Skit:We like and enjoy making fun of ourselves, don’t we ? This was clearly displayed in skit shows all of which referred to VSO or software industry. Each team received good cheers and laughters from audience but PODANGO & Remo were slightly ahead of others in the race to Oscar. PODANGO eventually won it.

Additional round of talent show was reduced to a no-show by the fantastic bridal round fashion show by Remo. Other teams did put up a good show – like mimicry & sounds by PODANGO, Dos and Don’ts (civic sense) silent acting by diShoom diShoom and fun show by majaa. 5 pairs of bride-bridegroom wore spectacular attire and attracted increasingly loud cheers from the crowd. Remo, swept everyone by surprise in this act which was rightly termed as stellar show by the compere, and laid their hands on oscar.

“Vismerize” the name of the event suggestion won majaa team an another Oscar.

Uniformity Oscar award was given to diShoom diShoom who not only received the attention for their dress code (military) but also stayed & moved in groups. PODANGO were in yellow shirt, sleeves folded, with lungi and looked very ethnic. majaa were with a Sherlock Homes hat and a matching black coat imprinted their names on the back and majaa icon on the front. Remo were with an unique dress printed Remo and rose, and marked lips continuing to flaunt lover boy image.They also wore a mask, put colour on hairs near forehead and tied colourful wrist straps.

“summa nachchanu irukku majaa” slogan coupled with their cheer leading won them the award for the same, though they faced stiff competition from diShoom diShoom, PODANGO and Remo.

Pre-event publicity Oscar went to diShoom diShoom.

Best team Oscar was shared by majaa and diShoom diShoom as both had won equal number of Oscars.

It was a jovial experience, with all people irrespective of their positions joining and sharing the fun. It was interesting to note Managers and Sr. Managers taking active part & even participating in the cultural activities (which meant they spent good amount of time in preparation too – given the high quality of shows). Oh! not to forget they suited the dress code perfectly & took part in the cheering process & publicizing process (procession around the office).

Footnote : 1)Some of the very few selected photos are here.
2)This is an impersonal account.
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  1. That was a nice summarize which i think will be very much give joy and happiness when we go through after we leave the company. Try to add as many photos u can so that every one will be covered.

  2. I hate those names. Visteon being a global organization doesn't the names like "Podango", "inji morappa" sound bad. Or is it "celebrating diversity" by suffering each other?

  3. Hari,Murali,Vishnu,Sherry – thanks for dropping by.
    I usually add only generally interesting photos to that album, which means I exclude photos with people (my photo is an exception!). But will find a place holder for other photos.
    Not only names but many(all) other areas were in Tamil or Tamil centric. Can't help!

  4. Hi,

    I got an invitation to this party. HR manager started speaking tamil on stage. Little sense is required when you work for a global company. All people in company must not be from chennai. Speak common language!!!

    Anyways, Enjoyed my day. People were friendly and warm.

    The show was great and only downside was all comedy part was done in tamil only. Be global and speak common language dears!!!. Play some hindi/english songs too.

    Have a nice time folks. If you have more photos please post them online.


  5. Hari(second hari),
    The fun we had in preparation and the function was far more greater than the discomfort caused by language issue. And moreover, in Chennai, bargaining for language other than Tamil is unfair.

    However, thanks for dropping in and for the constructive feedback, I will communicate this to the concerned persons.

    Nice to know you enjoyed 🙂