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I just now read the hilarious post on Indian Idol by Vinod G, though hilarious it addresses important issues – that of making viewers getting stuck to the show and making them idle and giving them an impression that with a mobile they are all powerful.
After glancing at one or two episodes I never ever watched a single episode…but always wondered when everyone spoke about it as if it is a BIG unheard event which would change the fortune of the country. I sighed when even prominent bloggers wrote page long description and analysis about the singers and the show. I felt many times that I might be missing making of a great star or unearthing of a genius and what ever be the case I felt inferior for not being able to strike a conversation about the next singing genius of India. Forget conversation I did not even know the names of the singers. And I never was able to understand the fascination and the ratings this show received.
I was a fan of Saregama during the times of Sonu Nigam and during initial times of Shaan. (After that I do not watch the show, so no comments). Saregama did unearth good talents but the show never became as famous as Indian Idol.
The power to vote out the participants is so dear to viewers ? Or is there something else ?

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