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Mumbai Navigator

December 16th 2005 in Uncategorized

Mumbai Navigator
Our very own Google Transit

Ps: del.icio.us is down when required for the past 2 days which is forcing me to create these separate posts.
Yesterday I saw interesting comments in their post which detailed power failure:

1)Yahoo is copying all the links to MyWeb2.0 site! In the mean time, you are fooled to believe it’s a power failure! Good that i made a offline backup yesterday!

2) del.icio.us: Where are you? I miss you.

3) Seen anyone in a Google t-shirt with a pair of wirecutters recently?

Let me also document some shortcomings I am facing from del.icio.us:
I have some probs with delicious….
1)The character limit is 255..of course they did not intend their software to be used for blogging but just bookmarking I tend to write a lot of comment for the links…
2) Html is not supported…again a blogging feature …to link something else in the comment.
Oops Ps ran more than the actual post!

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My Engg final sem project was Burst Spectrum Analyser. The input would be small meaningful signal bursts buried in constant high frequency noise. The burst is also going to appear at a particular frequency (regular interval) and its resonant frequencies.

Well, when I look at my blogging frequency pattern, I am always reminded of that signal […]

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I have been sending Good Morning! mails everyday morning containing one quote. It all started when someone else used to send me mail with a quotation. I just used to forward the same to other pals of mine. But over the time, I started sending them myself.

Initially I toggled between images and text but certain […]

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