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I have been sending Good Morning! mails everyday morning containing one quote. It all started when someone else used to send me mail with a quotation. I just used to forward the same to other pals of mine. But over the time, I started sending them myself.

Initially I toggled between images and text but certain servers block/remove images and then a decision was made to send only the text.
Apart from very simple decisions like “one quote”, “everyday that I come to office”, over the time certain other decisions had to be made. Like, no anonymous quotations. Send only to office address (many do not check non-office address regularly). Another simple rule I follow is to read, understand, (unless in rare cases, agree to it) and then send them. Many times, friends mailed me back asking for the meaning, understanding it beforehand made it lot easier. Over time I have refined the address list too, adding some and deleting some addresses. I fixed the format also – Comic Sans font 10 size.

I have been sending these mails for close to 2 years now. From the day of inception, I guess I have sent the mail each day I have come to office (except during the change and not on holidays/weekends even if I come to office). So it has sort of become my attendance to my pals! The day there is no mail, they can presume I have not come to office.

There have been many queries of sources of the quotes. I could not point to one particular source (and always told the golden egg story !!) – as I used to pick from someone’s signatures, or from some forward mails. Other times it used to be from the books I read. Initially it used to be from other GM mails (as I told above), but it used to get repeated or it made no sense to me or it was irregular. For a short period I had subscribed to a quotation mail group which was quite irregular and then it finally stopped. The occassional forwards contain quotes which I do not forward..but pick each one to be sent everyday!
Then I chanced upon a book and then some sites (via Google), but not one source has been consistently used for considerable time. Because those are always grouped in terms of their quoters(Einstein) or in terms of their nature(success,love etc).

My personal favorite quoters are Einstein and Ralph Waldo Emerson. The thing about these people that I like is that their quotes are consistently good.

Reading the quote has been very enriching experience for me. Quoting someone always enriches,leverages the talk, conversation or writing. Some quotes are very straight forward and needs no explanation or justification while others require a minute of thought.
But even the obvious ones help in resurrecting the thought and sometimes reminds of the forgotten obvious.

I was thinking of this routine for sometime. I get some thoughts, I make some explanations, analogies or something when I read a quote. Since my format of GM has been one quote, I had no place to put it and it fits perfectly to be a post here! It will not be regular but rarely I will just make a post! (Will be under category “Quote”). (On a lighter note, inspired by these quoters I also started quoting under myOwnQuote category so that when I become quotable people will have ready reference!)

My GM mail has achieved what my personal mailing could not achieve wrt few people – strike a conversation. Make them reply. (Indirectly too- unrelated to the quote- the gm mail has served the starting point of a is like reminding people that I am still around seeking attention and trying to break silence)

I have derived great happiness over the GM sending exercise. It might be a very small effort but I get delighted when someone complains I did not send it on time. When someone says, that quote made his/her day. When someone says “Thanks, that was great!”

This has happened over and over again. And everytime I feel humbled because I realise I do not deserve the thanks and that I am just a link between them and the great thoughts already left for us.

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