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This is a game I never knew of before my PU. But in PU(SYJC) along with A,K,V,A we started playing this in the PG(patli galli) after college or when we bunked the college. I was clearly an underdog there in terms of the signs or the awareness of film names. As a sidenote I am average in any game I play in terms of talent, but I make it up in terms of intelligence and quick learning. For example, in case of this game, though the knowledge (awareness) of film names were not that much I made some intelligent guesses. We used to play the game so much that after a certain point of time we ran out of all names and we almost predicted the way the other person would enact given a particular name.

Then, during the North India tour and during other encounters which happened quite frequently over few years, I enjoyed (introducing and) playing this with my brother and cousins -A,M. During the above, it was mostly English and Hindi film names, but with my brother and cousins it was Kannada or Hindi names. By coincidence or otherwise(rigging), I and M turned out to be the partners everytime. We hit off to be a great pair in terms of understanding. Though we were strong we got stiff competation everytime and A and my brother managed some gem of unimaginable acting coupled with great humour to level the scores. I and M were sort of so unmistakably familiar with eath others actions that the fun part slowly faded out but their acting kept up the spirits and joy. The game used to go out of sync if anyone else joined us.

Despite this rich experiences, when I saw college level competations, I figured, in comparision, my game was gully cricket as compared to international one dayers. But I was good enough to pull out surprises in informal gatherings like college picnics and was completely noticed during Goa tour. But again, I could only rely on abilities of acting and imagination rather than the awareness of the names.

That fear always kept me away from competation (of any level), and thus I shied away from the office competation too.
On Diwali eve, this game was held and 10 groups participated. I just remained a spectator. 4 rounds (Film names, Books-Authors, Idioms/Phrases, A mixture of all) were conducted.

I should say I was familiar with 8 out of 10 names! When passed to audience I could grab two prizes for guessing these:

1) Child is the father of man.
I didn’t phrase this exactly but I was close to it.
2) The chain is as strong as its weakest link.
Well, the credit for this goes to KVN Sir who had mentioned this during analog communications class.

What helped me in knowing many answers are:
Of late I frequent to book shops (even though I do not read as much), I am aware of quite a few authors and books’ names. Secondly, the GM quotes have helped me much.

I felt very bad for myself that I did not participate in the competation, but was happy that remaining in the audience itself I had won 2 boxes of crackers/sparklers.

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2 thoughts on “Dumb charades

  1. RK, I was like you for many years. I mean the fear keeping me away from playing the game
    of life to the fullest. I also used to desire to be lost in the audience which used to give
    me a kind of serene feeling.

    Over the years, I have become different even though some times I still shrieke away from playing a
    game fully.

    Btw, one of my posts got featured in Mumbai Mirror Newspaper.(in Blogger's park section)

  2. Sumanth,
    I guess I too will overcome fear once I am good enough…
    Congrats about getting noticed but can't see the link as Mumbai mirror link vanishes after 24 hours.

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