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Full or partial feed

December 14th 2005 in Tech

Last two days saw me pondering and arguing over full text feed vs partial text feed here. Today I find that Scoble too raised the concern. His comment space show the argument in full light where full text as well as partial text is finding support. Those who support partial text feeds are looking at the business model which relies on people visiting the site. The alternative could be to embed ads in feeds , but it is only a suggestion but not practical.
Other recievers who support partial feeds are those who follow heavy traffic sites and also those who use phone to read the blogs (so that they can discard if it is not interesting).
There is also a concern of commenting after reading the feeds, a concern we discussed sometime ago.

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“Full or partial feed”
Sripathi Kamath

hey.. i am discussing the right issues nowadays :), only problem is that I am not posting any issue on my blog, rather discussing it on other blogs


Thats ok, as anyways "my blog" was the one that prompted you to raise the issues.

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