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My Engg final sem project was Burst Spectrum Analyser. The input would be small meaningful signal bursts buried in constant high frequency noise. The burst is also going to appear at a particular frequency (regular interval) and its resonant frequencies.

Well, when I look at my blogging frequency pattern, I am always reminded of that signal pattern. When I blog for few days there would be constant posts and then there would be complete silence for sometime. Right now I am going through former phase 🙂

The reasons are many..it is completely snowing in US and hence there are less meetings. Less (or no) meetings means less work. So I am relatively free. My colleague is so free (and frustrated) that he backed up his huge data, formatted the entire disk, reinstalled OS and other programs and copied back the backed up data. Good choice if someone is not addicted to reading blogs/blogging!

The other reason is that there is lot of festive mood in the office. All activities and movement. Office work has taken a backseat(except for critical ones) and all are having fun. Colourful office with balloons, decorations, banners, posters, Christmas tree and what not everywhere. More details later.

And the most important reason is that….I could not hold it any longer and requested for net access in office..and so there!

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5 thoughts on “Burst Spectrum

  1. he he 😀 we shall apply for patent , our observation "Blogging pattern resembles one's final year project behaviour."

  2. lol, i wish even i could take back up, format my hard disk, reinstall the OS & all program at home, which as u know i hav been wanting to do for a long time :((

    well regarding my blogglin pattern… 🙂 ??? i better not say anything.

    by the way i did post a few of old posts did u see them ?

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