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December 13th 2005 in Tech

The link posts from del.icio.us have been moved out of main page(might work for only one theme). They would now appear on page/link Link Blog.
Blogrolls/Links are added.
Contact me and About page added and more importantly subscriptions buttons there!
As usual new themes and changes made.

If you have visited to this site via http://rk.negimaki.com , it will cease to exist after sometime. So please remember the new url rkblogs.net.
This would be the new feed (RSS 2.0) : http://ravikiran.us/blog/feed/.

Also this post is to test sticky plugin :)

Commenting now should be easy as “AJAX commenting” plugin has been installed(which means, if it works fine, the page should not reload for commenting)

If the plugin works, this post is going to be on the top for few days. Regular posts continue below.

Comments are disabled. Please email me if you have something to say. Regret the inconvenience.

There is a saying in Kannada if I try to remember means (close to), that the family quarrels should be kept within the closed doors.
When we do not sort out our fights and blow it out of proportion, we are only going to be hit. As you can see here (Kannada newspaper link), the earlier […]

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Last two days saw me pondering and arguing over full text feed vs partial text feed here. Today I find that Scoble too raised the concern. His comment space show the argument in full light where full text as well as partial text is finding support. Those who support partial text feeds are looking at […]

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