An extract of my thoughts, that I expressed over the name change here is reproduced in Economic Times today 3rd page.
I jumped over to witness my moments of fame, after Nagaraj mailed me about it (Thanks Nagaraj!), and found that I am Blogger 2 🙂

7 thoughts on “I am Blogger 2 in Economic Times

  1. Sripathi,
    They/I think mentioning blogger is better than saying "Readers sent letters to us", as used to be the case.
    thanks 🙂 it is necessary to celebrate small joys 🙂

  2. congrats!! good sign .. your blog's getting noticed .. way to go
    Read this article on economic times, did not realise it was yours though

  3. Sriram, thanks! It might not be my blog getting noticed, just one random search result…
    You would have realised, if you had read my post…so be a regular time you can notify me when I become "blogger 1" 🙂