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Role reversal
Still in the hangover about the contents of my previous post.
It perfectly demonstrated the opposite of what they had to convey. Mena had to call names and thus cease to remain nice after getting upset over a comment in the backchannel. It is very natural to get agitated when one points a finger at you. But Ben did do it in a nice way. Even his further posts and reply to comments show that he was not reacting rashly but adressing calmly.
Say good
If one just reports an event(like what media is expected to do), there would not be any one trying to contradict him(apart from some people whose only aim in life is to contradict/oppose what the other person says). But as soon as you start opining, as long as you are taking positions, when ever you give verdicts, opposition is bound to happen. And even there, if a product is bad to people and you say it is good, not as many people would oppose you (actually they would want to but will not have patience to do so), as they would if you say a product is bad, when it is good to them.
So if you want to please all, never say anything bad about anything. Even if you think it is not alright, just say what is right and close. I have been doing this most of the times unless I have great urge to make clear of my stand.
Drawing the line
When I look at the all the latest controversies, like Khusboo, Sania, moral policing in Chennai regarding dance club/outing, dress code in colleges, bar dancers’ , closure of night shows before some time, against celebration of Valentine’s day in Mumbai and any such ones, it is all about “Drawing the line”. What one thinks as the “height” might not be it for someone else. Then the arguments begin.
Where it should be drawn is a BIG question. Bigger questions are Why and Who should do it.

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2 thoughts on “3 related thoughts

  1. Let's evolve, that's out culture .
    Agree with you totally. Why should we do cultural policing ? Our 's is a land of diverse cultures & communities.How did we reach here ? What went wrong ?
    India is the land which gave Kamasutra to the world, which is still revered upon to be the bible of "Love making". It' the land where nudity was an atrt form in temples (Ajanta caves).
    Can we imagine building temples with nudity now ? I think we are serving soem vested interest in the name of moral policing.
    Let's evolve, that's out culture .

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