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It looked like I missed to know about a big shout and debate that happened else where in blogosphere. It is about what is right and what is wrong. Every blogger would have had these thoughts at least once about what is right and what is wrong. He would take actions on his blog about what he thinks is right – like disabling comments, moderating comments, ignoring them or something else. It does not stop at comments but expands to whole of other areas and finally rests in one crucial phrase -“freedom of speech”. It then boils down to what each person thinks is the “degree” of “freedom”. Some preach what is “right for blogosphere” and others laugh at the very idea because for them the very medium is all about freedom. I feel like penning down my thoughts but this post is not for that.

In LesBlogs 2.0 conference, Mena Trott (co-founder and president of Six Apart) and BBC Backstage’s co-project lead Ben Metcalfe happened to engage in a debate over the clash of their opinions. Well, I just need to link the posts here:

Here is the thoughts and speech about civility in blogging by Mena. Speech is very good. I like to highlight that she was well aware she would be disagreed with. That cry would be raised. And she achieved it, that is a sign of a good speaker! As she mentions, she is happy that there is a dialogue.
When people started giving their own versions, Ben came out with exact details of what happened. This post will make you take his side.
Mena clarifies certain misconceptions and mentions that they later had a dialogue and apologised each other. And now that personal name calling is over, Ben mulls over the issues to be addressed by blogosphere. Some of the comments are really good in these posts.

Here is the video and other links
And here is the post that was starting point for me to spend quite some time (some?!) and miss out on cricket updates(no regrets!).
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