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Name change game

December 12th 2005 in News

Two in this week – Indian Airlines becomes Indian. Hmm..Now let others too start thinking about it – Indian Railways, Indian Armed Forces, Indian Navy, Indian government ..heh! This reminds me of a email forward I got sometime back ..a pun on the renaming of Airport and CST and everything else as Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus, Chatrapathi Shivaji Airport etc. The joke went like this ..one Chatrapathi Shivaji speaks to another Chatrapathi Shivaji..both their schools’ name is Chatrapathi Shivaji, the colony’s name is Chatrapathi Shivaji, the roads’ name is Chatrapathi Shivaji, teachers’ name is Chatrapathi Shivaji and so on.

Second one is Bangalore to Bengaluru. I never expected this to happen. I always took pride when other cities became crazy and changed their names (Chennai,Mumbai,Kolkotta etc). Actually nothing is going to change if the name is changed. Only the signboards and address will change. One search and replace. People will continue to refer to it by its old name.
On the second thought, Bengaluru is actually not a change in name. Those who know Kannada know that is how it is pronounced in Kannada. Spelt/written in Kannada. So there was inconsistency earlier in the way the same name was spelt and pronounced in 3 different languages – ByangalOre in English, Bengaluru in Kannada and for some unknown reason Bunglor in Hindi. Now we can say the inconsistency is removed.
But why is it restricted only to Bengaluru..it should be extended to Maisuru(Mysore) -in Google earth it is already Maisuru!!, Mangaluru(Mangalore), Hubballi(Hubli), Belagavi(Belagaum), Chickamagaluru(Chickmagalore), Tumakuru(Tumkur) and so on !!

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“Name change game”

You are right Nks, "Indian" should have better remained IA !


Well if you look, IA had a bigger brand image than the new "Indian"
For one no one knows if "Indian" is a name of movie(I think we have one) or…I don't know how on earth that could bring about an image of an airline company to your mind!!!. They need a big brand building exercise for sure !!!

Yeah, this morning I was shocked too see this article.
Well I"m not amused either.

Well another interesting ancedote on how Bangalore 's name has evolved


I fully back the change of name.
In the guise of `liberty` to pronounce proper nouns, people should stop murdering perfectly good names.

BTW, mysooru is better than mysore any day.

did u watch 'nenapirali'. go watch. its an EXCELLENT movie. you will be thrilled :)


You are right! Mysore sounds like "my sore" (as in my sore throat) ! Hey..I am in Chennai…yeah will watch it when I come down to Blore this time..(so 4 more hours occupied in my 2 days).
Chaitra, LOL :)


Another joke:
Which was the most famous sex change operation in India in recent times???

Victoria terminus being changed to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus :)

Sripathi Kamath

Next american or european loosing his job because of outsourcing will be bengaloored or bengalured which ever way they would like to call it :)

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