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Yesterday saw this show of India questions Aamir Khan on NDTV with Pranoy Roy. It was quite an interactive interview with the audience and the best part was that Pranoy Roy did not intervene himself. There were no leading questions asked and another best thing was Aamir did not shy away from taking on difficult questions(oh! No, he was not asked about his personal matters like divorce with his wife or about new girlfriend..It was not asked in the part I saw and I did not see the complete program). His answers were thought out, controlled and made sense most of the times.
Some excerpts:

When the audience was asked which is their favorite movie among Lagaan, DCH and QSQT, DCH won hands down. Surprising that it beat Lagaan by a big margin!

He was requested to sing a song..he did not take it. Pranoy even tried to pursuade him by asking the audience to sing first line to be followed by Aamir singing rest..Khan did not yet give in. Aamir said “he is too shy about all this”. Then Roy said, Aamir would do it at the end of the show. Which Aamir again avoided by offering to sit in between audience and shake hands with them instead. Audience was too obliged to disagree.

On asking his opinion about staying away from award functions..his answers were clear. “I want the audience to judge me not a group of 7-8 members. The reaction of audience is more important to me rather than something else.” Then Aamir himself said “The related question is why Oscars?” and answered that “All I tried to do was create an awareness among the international movie audience. I was just sending out message so that more and more people come to know my movies, bollywood movies.” On being questioned about lobbying in Oscars, he said “It is a part of the process that you ensure your film is watched by most of the panel. There would be screening at different times for different people. I just made sure that I did all I could do to get my movie noticed. There is no lobbying as in you call up someone and say “Hey my movie is there, take care of it..”

I missed his opinion about his endorsements.

When the question came up regarding his avoiding press for all these years he said “After 2-3 years in the industry I realised that the journalism that is happening is not very healthy…and thus I avoid film press” to which Pranoy Roy also expressed his concerns about journalism.

Issue of Sania, Khusboo came up. To which Aamir said he supports them. Infact any person in India does have a right to express himself/herself. You may disagree to their opinions but still they have a right to say it. Pranoy asked him to give a message to Sania, and Aamir gave a message to all people “You stand by what you believe. Don’t get bullied down.”

There was a question about his joining politics, to which he said he would do what he is good at -entertaining. Pranoy quipped in to joke “Politicians also entertain. It is just that they do it unknowingly” πŸ™‚

One person asked his opinion about Pakistani artists coming over to India to perform and to join Bollywood. He said these boundaries are all man made and artists should be allowed to perform at anyplace. He also shared the love and wearmth recieved by Indians/Indian artists in Pakistan. All the tension is political and among common men there is no such rivalry. They love Indian artists (Lataji is v famous there) /Indian movies /Indian cricketers, he said.
Aamir gave out a message to youth to become politician themselves and also cited that whenever there is a crisis, it is the youth who bring in reform. He slightly touched upon “Rang De basanti” saying his next movie is about youth.

There was also talk about Aamir not doing negative roles, not co-staring with SRK. Both of which recieved similar replies that they are not conscious decisions and he is not against the idea.

He was asked his favorite male actor and he replied Dilipji and Amitji. Pranoy smartly took it further and asked him to pick among the current lot and Hritik was his choice. On actresses, he shied away and said all …audience interrupted and he mentioned Nargisji Waheedaji..again audience did not like it. He was asked to pick among current generation..Kajol,Rani,Priety …Pranoy asked him to pick one and Kajol is his favorite. Yeah πŸ™‚ !

It was one of the entertaining interviews I have seen.

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