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I thought

December 11th 2005 in News

I saw this

He is an accused in the kidnapping case of a prominent businessman from Kolkata and a doctor from Jharkhand.

Most of the time he was supposed to be in jail, he was spotted at home or in restaurants

Singh is accused in the 2004 gunning down of prominent Patna surgeon N K Agarwal. The surgeon was attacked in his clinic. His crime: he filed an FIR against Singh, refusing to pay extortion. The extortion calls had come from jail. Doctors went on strike after that murder.

… and I thought Apaharan was a film ?!

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candidate is appearing in conversation these days..

how are you
fine thank you
heard that Fanoos is visiting there…how are the conditions?
I remain silent for few seconds
Oh! Cyclone ? Nothing much to worry..it seems it has taken a diversion.
Thats good.

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