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Yeah! As I told earlier, reading and browsing took more time and I got lazy to blog for few days. Now with the help of this automatic posting, (as can be seen in the earlier post), there would be a guaranteed post as frequently as I browse! [And inspite of that if there is no post, it would indicate that I am terribly busy or have lost access to internet] I am not technically “blogging” that way, but hey, the site would be active, what say ?!

I had the plugin doing the same job –updating the links I used to bookmark in the sidebar. But it was present only in one theme and I never got enough patience to copy it to all. Also it went unnoticed many times as it is just an update on the site and would not show up in the feeds or hint that it has changed.

Of course, again, I got help from Pradeep and Steve to set up this automatic posting.

There are many link blogs (like Desipundit), but some regular bloggers too dedicated one post for such links they came across in the week. I particularly follow Chug’s Links for A Sunday Morning (like this one)and Patrix’s Linking Park (like this).

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